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the goops


The Goops.


Eleanor, a true punk rock diva, began scandalizing the NYC stages in her band in The Goops, known for their occasionally naked- but always incendiary live shows.

The band’s lineup was comprised of four human band members: Vlad, Stiff, Heffman, and Eleanora. The Goops have been featured in several documentaries including Burning Down the House: The Story of CBGB and TV-CBGB.

The Goops released their first self-titled LP on Blackout!, recorded by legendary punk/hardcore producer Don Fury (Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Lunachicks ). The single from that record, "Booze Cabana" was a favorite on MTV’s Beavis & Butt-Head, getting regular rotation.


Additionally, Blackout! released a single entitled On The Road With The Goops which included a collectible twelve page comic book with art/story inked by Jim Blanchard (Bad Meat) & Pat Moriarty (Big Mouth), along with the 7” "One Kiss Left" b/w a cover of "Build Me Up Buttercup," which was included on the soundtrack of Kevin Smith’s Mallrats.


Their second album, Lucky, was released on Kinetic/Reprise. The Goops toured extensively, both nationally and internationally, with Garbage, Rancid, The Offspring, Rollins Band, The Muffs, Joykiller, and many others.

On the Road With The Goops limited edition comic book and 7" single.

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